1. "When I meet Big Bird, we'll be best friends"
  2. "I could never be angry at my parents"
  3. "Why do people use text messages instead of calling?"
  4. "War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise is my favorite movie - EVER."
  5. "I wish I had one of Shaq's shoes"
  6. "I want to apply early to (douchebag University)!"
  7. "I have too much hair."
  8. "I want the Ricky Martin CD"
  9. "DVDs are so cool"
  10. "I want a DVD player."
  11. "Can I have a DVD player for Hanukah?"
  12. "If you love the movie, why WOULDN'T you want to buy the special edition DVD"
  13. "Why the fuck do I have so many DVDs"
  14. "Vaginas are terrifying"
  15. "I want chicken tenders as a main course at my wedding"
  16. "Vaginas - still terrifying"