Add yours!
  1. PoopScoop
    Like Yelp but only for public restrooms. Think about it.
  2. CrapChat
    Like Snapchat but just for when you take a noteworthy #2. A lot of people seem to use Snapchat this way already so might as well make it official.
  3. ShitBit
    Just like FitBit but specifically designed to monitor and measure your bowel activities. Simply download and provide your ShitBit info so you don't have to talk to that cute nurse about your stinky liquid poo.
  4. Paperless
    Like Seamless but exclusively for toilet paper. About to drop a splasher but realized your out of TP? Put in your order and someone will be at your door in no time. This app could alternatively be called Shameless.
  5. Doo-Doodle
    High powered doodling app for when you've got some time to kill in the Oval Office.