it's a process ✨
  1. complete patronus test
  2. think to self: wait, that was it? wasn't that a lil short?
    all you need to know is i dance and think???
  3. get results
  4. make this face
  5. like yeah i was born in the year of the monkey and i like monkeys just fine but????
  6. wikipedia that shit
  7. turns out these are "organ-grinder" street performer monkeys
    and while i've never break danced (broke dance?) on a corner i DO like when people give my money and/or attention
  8. oh plus these lil guys are super smart ok
  9. and they're kinda cute
  10. "when presented with [their] reflection, females gazed into their own eyes and made friendly gestures, such as lip-smacking and swaying"
  11. huh. okay i guess. i can work with this.
  12. (retain some private skepticism considering new pottermore put me in gryffindor which is clearly bullshit so obviously all their tests aren't super reliable)
    like i literally just bought myself hufflepuff sweat pants from hot topic so
  13. huh. well anyway....