am i.... the chosen one?

am i.... the prophecied?
  1. i woke this morning to chaos on app
  2. there was screaming, crying, it had spread out onto the streets*
  3. "you can't relist" everyone was whispering, muttering, shouting, screaming
  4. "there's no more relisting"
  5. "no more trending"
  6. "no more featured"
  7. but for me.........
  8. for me, everything looked the same
  9. i could see recent relists, even.
  10. tentatively, i tried one myself.
  11. i scrolled and found a list from @drugs, my dear friend and confidante
  12. wary, weary, i pressed relist
  13. and it must've worked, because moments later i receive this text
  14. i didn't understand
  15. everything looked the same
    (the same) (the same) (the same)
  16. but she sent me screenshots, and things had certainly changed
  17. was i.... different?
  18. was i.... left behind?
  19. am i....
  20. credit @drugs
  21. i'm frightened