things i desperately miss from the greatest city in america (just check the benches)
  1. iggies
    god damn do i miss iggies, my fav pizza place in maybe the world
  2. berger cookies
    they're so rich that they taste like eating ice cream
  3. the orioles
    not that i ever really cared about the dodgers/angels/giants but i am a total convert
  4. otterbein's cookies
    so thin and crispy and crunchy you could eat like forty without feeling guilty
  5. mr. trash wheel
    our v own local celebrity; his amas were a+. they're having a gender reveal party for the new trash wheel tonight and i desperately wish i could be there
  6. the entirety of hampden
    golden west, grano pasta bar, miracle on 34th street, the charmery, trohv, literally the whole place and everything about it
  7. screaming man
    the man who lived(???) in the park across from my apartment and occasionally screamed at night. weirdly familiar once you get used to it
  8. donna's
    rip donnas, miss you boo, xoxoxo
  9. and a million other restaurants
    carma's cafe, waterfront hotel, city cafe, bond street social, papermoon, kooper's tavern, etc etc etc
  10. cheap uber rides
    literally anywhere i ever needed to go was (usually way) less than a $20 ride and i didn't appreciate it enough
  11. captain james landing
    the crab house was a v v v chill place to do crabs and canton was dope
  12. light city
    they did it for the first time this year but it was so cool and i wish i'd gone earlier in the week
  13. charles village festival
    so convenient, so artsy, so tasty, so tunesy
  14. luv you, bmore. i'll come visit soon