celebs i've tweeted about but was too scared to @

like i wanted them to see it but i don't want to seem desperate/creepy/mean
  1. kit harington
    anyone need help moving???
  2. chris harrison
    he seems like the kind of guy to commit to a bit
  3. mandy patinkin
    bearded, glasses-wearing mandy specifically
  4. tyler hoechlin
    right tho??? seems low-key tender
  5. dwayne the rock johnson
    call me mrs. the rock
  6. chrissy teigen
    she'd adjust
  7. drake
    just like that middle school sway
  8. maple the dog
    i live in awe of her
  9. bj britt
    it's time, boo
  10. eminem
    face it
  11. bob morley
    get that tonight dough realness
  12. bj novak
    DO NOT @ him here
  13. lucy liu
    my og crush. the crush that started them all
  14. chelsea peretti
    she cool
  15. jeffrey dean morgan
    i keep an open mind
  16. blake shelton
    but only then
  17. harry shum jr.
    honestly it's getting rude
  18. ricky gervais
    i bet it was a lot tbh
  19. james corden
    prove me wrong i dare you
  20. gwendoline christie
    sry for the repetition in framing
  21. mark ruffalo
    @ me like vary your sentence structure
  22. bill murray
    he knows where to find me
  23. gary busey
    asking the important questions
  24. pitbull
  25. ryan murphy
    admit it you coward
  26. james franco
    gettin bilingual(???) for the francster