2017 is my year i know it
  1. 2016 was crap for many reasons
    you know this this is known
  2. one reason is i got hard core dumped
    ok i got dumped pretty nicely but after seven years it can't not be hard core
  3. and i drafted a lot of lists about it
    bc list is a safe space that my ex presumably doesn't know about or at least didn't while we were dating and probably is not on now
  4. but i have decided to leave breakup bitterness behind in 2016
  5. so i am going to publish these drafts
    at least some, maybe not all
  6. now i can stop adding to them
    while still validating any past/present/future emotions sans delete
  7. just wanted to warn ya
  8. Static
    fire, cleansing, etc. ok bye