not my only complaint but a significant one
  1. spoilers
  2. spoilers
  3. spoilers
  4. spoilers
  5. spoilers
  6. what the fuck was up with those 30-somethings club jokes????
  7. that felt like a piece of humor from an entirely different show
  8. it was just bizarrely out of place
  9. and also????
  10. i found it very obnoxious of the narrative to buy into the queen rory hype to be like "oh well she's not like those OTHER millennials"
  11. "yeah she's struggling NOW but she's smart and special, not like THIS group"
  12. "THESE unemployed 30-somethings have nothing of value to share. but rory is just having a transitional moment"
  13. also the only people i've EVER seen do "i drink your milkshake" were two seventeen year old boys in 2010 when it was way more timely
  14. that felt like a really weird dated reference
  15. ALSO i get the palladinos wanted to give bailey de young a cameo and she IS 27 but after seeing her play a 16yo earlier this year in faking it it was very jarring to frame her as the face of the 30-somethings