(installment #3 of bitter breakup drafts)
  1. fucking said something when we had to put our dog down
  2. asked "hey heard you moved home, how is it?" instead of trying to trick me into telling you
  3. not been shocked that two of people you introduced me to wanted to maintain their friendship with me even after you monopolized the rest of the people i had previously thought of as also my friends
  4. let me have the anniversary trip i had planned for us instead of going on your half when you knew i was still going on mine since i had broadway tickets
  5. actually asked if i was still ok with being friends instead of checking if it was cool that you send me memes
  6. not asked to stay on my netflix account as you were breaking up with me
  7. congratulated my brother on his wedding that you were personally invited to after getting to know him and his wife over the course of seven years
  8. not deleted all photographic evidence of me from your profile pictures as if a photo from four years ago was too recent
  9. put in literally any effort at all over the last eleven months