1. kissed a new human male
    totally platonic but nice to make out with someone a lil
  2. drank some really good apple cider
  3. cranked up the christmas music
    ariana grande's "winter things" is my jam
  4. voted for the (hopefully) first female president
  5. accidentally left a candle burning in my room when i wasn't home
  6. saw moonlight
    and it was good!!!
  7. watched the cubs win the world series
    the orioles have my heart but i was rooting for chicago
  8. ate lots of halloween candy
  9. finally (finally) ended a toxic working relationship
    i have tried to quit like five times i s2g
  10. started a secret blog about my sexual experiences
    dm me if you want the link
  11. held a nice, casual conversation with my ex about politics
    though i did have to scold him for using my netflix accidentally
  12. solidified a new friendship
  13. removed a friend from my dead2me list
    it exists so be nice
  14. not applied to any full time jobs