last 10 things i bought on amazon

inspired by @lexie_elyse et al. soz so much is costumey
  1. 1.
    for halloween and so not my style but i am surprisingly about them
  2. 2.
    also halloween, but a good workout shirt to keep on hand
  3. 3.
    tbh i was disappointed by how brown the top of this wig was in person but it is clearly ombré in the pics
  4. 4.
    seem fine. not sure i've worn any yet.
  5. 5.
    i need my electrical tape to be as chic as i am
  6. 6.
    for a costume but they hold their colors really well despite the stretch on my calves
  7. 7.
    a necessity for any It Girl
  8. 8.
    who has time for under eye bags i mean really
  9. 9.
    sometimes i forget to brush my teeth so i keep these in my car
  10. 10.
    gr8 for sending snapchats and making silence of the lambs jokes