for me. i'm ur fave and i'm problematic: birthday party edition
  1. threw some recyclables in the trash
    my friend looked at me as i was holding them over the trash bag and said "those are recyclable" and i said "oh no they have tape on them" and released
  2. wasted lots of mix drink
    didn't advertise it clearly enough or push it at my party and discovered at the end of the night there was still plenty left in the gatorade thing
  3. didn't have forks already out
    people needed them for the mac n cheese and i had to go get them from the garage
  4. no tomatoes for burgers
    honestly there's no excuse for this other than my mom made like three batches of tomato soup this week and froze all of them for the winter
  5. didn't remove my makeup before bed
    and in fact i never remove my makeup (other than when it smudges under my eyes) i just let it slowly melt away
  6. used no birthday wishes for the less fortunate
    well i used one for @k8mcgarry and one for another friend who also couldn't make it but all things considered they're both pretty fortunate
  7. interrupted a lot in truth or dare
    and didn't dare anybody to kiss anybody thereby starting the game off on the wrong note and for that i am truly sorry