please send help ⚡️

this is my nightmare
  1. hello
  2. it is 7:51 pm on thursday the 22nd and i have been dogsitting for a week and a half now
  3. my worst fear finally came true when i locked myself out of the house with two poodles after our walk
  4. the family is in england and it is almost 4am there
  5. i texted the mrs.'s brother to see if he knows if there's a spare key anywhere
  6. (i also called)
  7. but no word yet
  8. my battery life is currently at 71% but it is screwy and tends to randomly drop
  9. what do i do
  10. clarification: car keys and wallet also inside
  11. these are the poodles, thank you and god bless
  12. tryna robber style break in through the kitchen sink window using this cement block as stepping stone but i am not tall
  13. poodles secured to fence
  14. update: two cinder blocks. seems sturdy.
  15. a very nice neighbor caught me and was like "r u ok" so i asked her if she has a ladder, she's checking
  16. she has returned with a ladder i am blessed
  17. shimmied in through the kitchen window like the most beautiful, graceful criminal you have ever seen and now i am inside
  18. i also broke a candle while carrying the kitchen window sill knick knacks back in but i can't be bothered to deal with that rn
  19. me on the floor
  20. the offending glass shards. not good for poodle paws or my feet either tbh
  21. at least this candle smells delicious
  22. when he finally hits you back 🙃