inspired by @bredee
  1. my dad ate the last stuffed bell pepper even though i said "oh are you gonna eat the last bell pepper?" in an inflection that implied that i wanted it
  2. after i yelled at him for eating the last bell pepper he said "still love you sweetie pea. or should i call you chelsea" even though i explained five minutes early that sometimes i feel really weird when people call me by that name (even though it's my name)
  3. when i asked if we could watch something other than "bosch" on tv he just said "this is the only room i can watch it" even though this is the only room i'm allowed to eat in (i warmed up soup bc there weren't anymore bell peppers bc he ate two last night and i only had one)
  4. my dad ate half my bolognese without asking last time my mom brought home takeout so my mom brought me home a new vodka sauce pasta to make up for it and i saved him four big noodles bc i know he likes this pasta better and he still treated me this way