(side note where did all the music note emojis go?)
  1. sometimes i'll change with my bedroom door open if i know my parents are downstairs
  2. one of my biggest paranoias is that i forgot to flush the toilet before leaving the bathroom
  3. i don't know if it's weird that i don't know if my male family members are circumcised or if it would be weirder that i did know
  4. when i was in europe summer before fifth grade i bought these wide-leg black pants that had all these random zippers that revealed little plaid patches, v goth
  5. i was never good at keeping a diary
  6. in my youth i would kick hunter boyajian in the shins for no real reason and his mom never believed him when he said the bruises were from me
  7. i never learned how to skateboard but i really wanted to in the seventh grade
  8. on a trip with a friend's family i crawled into a cabinet in a hotel lobby bathroom so i could pop out and scare my friend but then I fell through and broke the wicker bottom so i crawled out before anybody saw and i never told anyone
  9. i deeply regret vandalizing all of my yearbooks
  10. i still haven't seen stranger things and tbh at this point i probably won't for at least a couple years
  11. aol teen chatrooms and fanfic taught me way more about sex than anything else ever did