this coat isn't me but it could be alternate universe me

i bet she looks great
  1. it's foggy in london but i don't mind. i read my book on the tube and nobody bothers me. i wear plum lipstick and my lines are so clean. 8/10
  2. i go to open mic nights but never read any poetry. i have a tattoo my mom doesn't know about on one of my shoulders. i pierced my nose for a week but it didn't stick. 4/10
  3. my hips are narrow and i am so chic. 9/10
  4. i sew money into the lining in case of emergency. there's always a butterscotch in my pocket. crinoline never itches my legs. 7/10
  5. i've been to coachella and enjoyed myself. my mom and i don't get along and we don't keep in touch after she moves out of state. 4/10
  6. everyone agrees my music taste is cool. i don't care bc i am so secure in my interests. 7/10
  7. my cabin in montana is warmed by the fireplace. i put my cold toes on the soft, warm tummy of my lumberjack boyfriend. there are mini marshmallows in the hot cocoa. 9/10
  8. i read the warrior cat series and have a lot of patterned tights. i haven't yet come into my own but i'm trying. 2/10
  9. i work in an office for a good salary and wear nice flared pants. my feet are conditioned to heels and i can put my hair up with just a pencil. 6/10
  10. the air is clean and there's fresh snow on the ground. my boots are glamorous but sensible so my feet stay warm. 8/10
  11. i have cool round sunglasses that i keep on my person at all times. there's a carton of cigarettes in one of the pockets but they're not mine and i didn't smoke any. 6/10
  12. i am a connecticut housewife and I only wear athleisure underneath. my butt is so tight but hard to see under the coat. 7/10
  13. i can pull off yellow and i look amazing. everybody claps. 9/10
  14. i'm a teen and my coat smells like fancy, sexy chanel perfume bc i accidentally spilled a bottle on it after i was at a party with marijuana smoke. my mom is mad i stole her perfume but doesn't find out about the party. 6/10
  15. i am 6'0 tall and glam af. my best friend is short and i rest my head on top of hers in all pictures. 8/10
  16. my nail polish is always chipped. 4/10
  17. i live in new mexico and i only wear tank tops. my arms are skinny and I have a turquoise cactus tattoo on the inside of my left wrist. 7/10
  18. i am my best self, 10/10