A guide to Donald Trump's idiosyncratic use of common words and phrases, with interpretations.
  1. Bigly
    A variation of "big league", poorly annunciated.
  2. Billions
    Unknown what Trump means by "billions".
  3. Dishonest
    Accurate, factual. Usually applied to the press.
  4. Good person
    Someone who flatters Trump and tell him what he wants to hear.
  5. Fake News
    Any news report that is unfavorable or reflects badly on Trump, regardless of the factual accuracy of the story. Derived from the term "fake news" that was used to refer to spurious propaganda inserted into the election narrative, primarily by sources in Macedonia, with meaning changed to fit Trump's purpose.
  6. Hundreds of thousands
  7. Law and order
    Trump is the law. Trump gives the orders.
  8. Libel
    Any implication that Trump isn't rich as he claims to be.
  9. Loser
    Someone who values morals/ethics and human beings more than money/adulation
  10. "Many people are saying..."
    Phrase introducing a conspiracy theory Trump wants to spread.
  11. Millions
    Hundreds of thousands.
  12. Millions and millions
  13. Politically correct
    Speaking respectfully about other people; avoiding racist and misogynistic remarks. Considered a sign of weakness by Trump—see 'Loser'.
  14. Purple Heart
    An award!
  15. Rigged
    Adjective describing the collection of any statistical information measuring Trump's popularity, unless the numbers are positive.
  16. Sacrifice
    Not being able to avoid paying a fair price; Being expected to meet any type of minimum standard, whether financial, legal, or ethical.
  17. Strong
    Authoritarian and repressive.
  18. Success
    Being extremely rich and surrounded by sycophants; beating/humiliating opponents
  19. Thousands
  20. Unfair
    Any situation not entirely favorable to Trump.
  21. Vicious attack
    A criticism of Trump. See "unfair".
  22. Weak
    Showing too much consideration for others' rights, feelings, or expertise (see "Loser," "Politically Correct")
  23. Winner
    Someone who makes a huge amount of money and/or humiliates others.
  24. Winning temperament
    A determination to "win" regardless of collateral damage; the inability to recognize or acknowledge defeat.
  25. "You tell me."
    "I don't want to answer that question."