1. Woke up early for a meeting that was cancelled
    Meh, usual.
  2. Had to make coffee twice due to a kitchen fail
    Ugh, lame.
  3. Super crowded subway ride
    Meh, usual.
  4. Unexpected meeting-free morning to get some work done
  5. Realized that my recent ex won't acknowledge me
    Still really 😢
  6. Needed to change trip reservation on a non-refundable reservation, and was denied
    At least I tried.
  7. Yummy lunch meeting with one of my favorite people
  8. Nailed work presentation
    Feels pretty good.
  9. Office Tetris: Furniture Edition
    It's getting hot in h're, and crowded.
  10. Cried the whole way home
    See previous bullet about the ex.
  11. Phone date with Mom leaves me feeling annoyed with my folks for refusing to try a vegan restaurant
    I should be use to this by now.
  12. Snack dinner at 8:30p
  13. Asleep by 9:30.
    In conclusion, meh.