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I'm a romantic (secretly)
  1. Just Breathe - Pearl Jam
    Is it a love song? I think so
  2. On The Street Where You Live - My Fair Lady
    Kinda creepy but all the best love songs are
  3. High - The Lighthouse Family
    The song that will play at my wedding (?)
  4. Cry To Me - Solomon Burke
    Or anything from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack
Just kidding I have equal hatred for them all
  1. Going to the Apple Store
    You're not better than me because you have stupid dumb earpiece things and there's no check out and nowhere to FUCKING LINE UP
  2. Phones on at the cinema
    Just common courtesy thanks
  3. When people say "what's there to do in Adelaide"
    Just the normal things you would do in a city? In the world? Just a standard Australian city????
  4. EDM covers of popular songs
    Eg Fast Car, Steal My Sunshine, Anyone Who Had A Heart
The biggest, most earth-shattering moments of the greatest teen drama of all time: One Tree Hill
  1. Dan shoots Keith
    That entire school shooting episode really
  2. Haley and Nathan get married
  3. Brooke "I wanted you to fight for me" speech
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  1. Dirty Dancing
  2. Amelie
  3. 2001: A Space Odyssey
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  1. Baby I Am Nobody Now - Andy Bull
  2. 99 Luftballoons - Nena
  3. Fast Car - Tracy Chapman
13 more...
  1. Staying awake in cabs
  2. Basic mathematics
  3. Saving money
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  1. Maya Angelou
  2. Girl Talk
  3. Art installations
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My mum is a chef in training and now we don't eat lazy anymore
  1. Coriander
    Which is difficult because I'm a sluuuuut for Tex Mex
  2. Mint
    Or anything "decorative" really
  3. Fennell
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The darker side of my iTunes
  1. Songs about sex
  2. Songs about masturbation
  3. Songs about food
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