I'm home sick and I miss them most around Christmas....It all got me thinking that while I'm here "adulting" and chasing my version of happy, I've always had them as the best example.
  1. They are so in love, and have been for the past 30 years.
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    They got married and started a family when they were very young. I Grew up around "love conquers all" which I was always cynical about 😔
  2. They are doing what they love (wedding florists)
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    I always hear from the young couples they wed how inspiring their relationship is. They are unjaded when it comes to marriage, always rooting for love. Again, I wish I wasn't so cynical about it.
  3. They are a true team
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    Dad dreams it up, and mom figures out a way to help him bring it to life.
  4. They are very good at what they do
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    I wish I was this good at my job
  5. They always surprise me by how open they are to new ideas and amenable to change
  6. They give the best advice: happiness is all you need to strive for
    I heard that every time I came home asking: is this relationship worth it? What should I major in? What should I do when I grow up? Should I move away from home? ... It's frustrating when you are looking for a more specific answer but ultimately It was the best answer to give.
  7. They've set the bar high on all fronts
    Family, career, love, acceptance...
  8. I love them so much
  9. And they just sent me 2 kg of Turkish coffee in the mail 😭😭😭
  10. I'm feeling very emotional