1. I'm fine. Just some lower back pain, probs kidney stones.
  2. I'm bored 😑
  3. It's sooooooo busy
    Apparently I'm a looking at a three hour wait
  4. Did you know Mondays are notorious for being very busy in emergency rooms?
    Or at least according to the triage nurse. The reasoning behind it is that a lot of people put off their symptoms over the weekend until it gets worse by Monday night. I am guilty of this.
  5. The triage nurse was so nice and bubbly
  6. There is a lot of police and an inmate with shackles, an orange jumpsuit and all.
  7. He looks like a nice guy
    Makes me wonder what he's in for 😕
  8. 3 people are sleeping in their seats
  9. Currently indulging my love of people watching
  10. Crazy lady keeps walking back and forth behind me and giving me dirty looks, wtf?
  11. 3 homeless men obviously on drugs just walked in. So sad 🙁
  12. 4 hours later
  13. I'm waiting for my tests
  14. These two officer are so sweet. They just took their first selfie!!!
  15. Annnnddd yay kidney infection!!!
  16. FML