His white ass just called me sharmouta because I tossed a pillow at him
  1. Sharmouta - swear word
    It means bitch. This is his favourite. He will scream it at the top of his lungs when we're grocery shopping and i find it adorable when he tries to use it in plural form by adding an "s" at the end.
  2. Yalla
    Mainly means come on. We hear this daily: "Yalla yallaaaa sharmoutas we're late"
  3. Walaaaawwww
    Seriouslyyyyy??? When we're watching HTGAWM: "walaaaawwww Annalise?"
  4. Zabourra - swear word
    Means penis. My brother taught him how to say it. Every time he calls he asks him to repeat it on speaker phone and cackles.
  5. Kes Emmak
    Means your mom's vagina- gross, I know. Its like fuck! This one is my favourite swear word too though. It packs a punch ✌🏻️
  6. We've been friends for 2 years, he refuses to learn anything else.