After moving to the western world I started getting constantly bombarded by pop culture and all of its related acronyms . These are some that I often mistook for something completely unrelated.
  1. VMAs: video music awards vs viscosity modifying ad-mixtures.
    The latter does not generate the same amount of hype
  2. PDA: public display of affection vs pore distribution analysis.
    My date explained this to me on Valentine's Day. I was confused and he was weirded out and no longer interested. Oops. Fun timeeees!
  3. GOT: game of thrones vs glossary of terms
    Why is this even a thing?
  4. HP: Harry Potter vs high precipitation
    Again... Why?
  5. HS: Harry styles vs hydrogen sulfide
    I hear they both cause cardiac complications *buh dum tssss*
  6. You'll either relate to this or it'll remain a sad list.
  7. Sorry funny listappers for the subpar material
  8. Annnnd nobody will read this 🙃