This is the brainchild of the two microbiologists I work with. He/she can be a superhero or a super villain depending on his/her moral compass
  1. kills all the germs in your stomach and intestine
    Subsequently killing all the good bacteria too
  2. 💥 Boom 💥
  3. Instant diarrhea
  4. And the only way to recover is to have a fecal transplant - Google it 😷💩
  5. You make your enemies literally eat shit
  6. We don't know what to call him/her
  7. Germinator?
    "But what if people think he's very good at growing plants! "
  8. Fart-maker (like darth Vader - I apologize 😩)
  9. Help listapp!
  10. Trying to Take poop jokes to the next level 💩