It's heartbreaking...
  1. Freak out
    Casually checking Twitter. I see Beirut in the trending topics. This is not good, this is not good, THIS.IS.NOT.GOOD. Sadly a middle eastern city trending on Twitter is almost certainly caused by a tragic event.
  2. Where's my phone
  3. Stop shaking
  4. Who should I call first???
    Go for mom. She usually keeps tabs on all three of my brothers' whereabouts and my dad's
  5. No answer - stop shaking!
  6. She's probably just sleeping
  7. Try my oldest brother - please answer, please answer...
    Send simultaneous messages on all forms of social media and other apps (Facebook, Twitter, what's app, Skype.) in the hopes he's online on one of them.
  8. No answer - STOP SHAKING!
  9. Try the youngest
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    Longest 5 mins of my life. "Where are you? Is everyone home? Are you sure?"
  10. Call everybody again just to make sure that he's not trying to hide anything
    You're pretty fucked at this point and convinced they are lying to you
  11. Everyone in my family is safe
  12. Hundreds of other families aren't though
    Death toll is up to 40 with 300 injured. I can't even begin to imagine how everybody is dealing with this.
  13. My heart is with Everybody in Beirut ❤️
  14. Why am I still shaking?