Inspired by practically everyone on here
  1. Still going out every night and getting wasted, might be an alcoholic. Stopped singing. Working as an assistant producer on a small breakfast tv show
  2. Engineer #1 somewhere in the gulf. Still tries to call me really late at night behind his girlfriends back. Blocked me on all social media because he's not "allowed" to talk to me 😕
    My parents like him and still ask about him. They don't know that we broke up because he cheated 👋🏻
  3. Engineer #2 Same job, still looking for a quiet wifey, bought a house, still boring.
  4. Engineer #3 Saw him on campus last week. Still hot, got even more self-centred and cocky
    Ughhhhh, it's the eyes 😩
  5. This makes me realize I need to stop dating professional boys who are often disguised as engineers 🙅🏻