Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. Recipe for the tortilla soup that my mom made all the time when I lived at home.
    When I made it, it wasn't nearly as good.
  2. Twitter glitched out and made mine and Adam's 13 month anniversary the most popular thing on the internet.
  3. Best news I've heard all month.
  4. Snapchat of my 17th birthday party. Ft. best friend Hannie.
  5. I want these shoes so damn bad.
  6. Christmas movie schedule on ABC.
  7. DREAM tattoo.
  8. Family friend posted a cute Kindergarten picture of me as a child. I am the demon one on the left.
    Nothing has changed.
  9. Snapchat of Natalie singing to me while I was showering.
  10. Filters with Mally.
  11. My love.
    No matter the time.