1. I could spend the rest of my life with my boyfriend if circumstances were different. Dreams first.
  2. I want more than anything to get into an LA college.
  3. I friggin' LOVE dark chocolate.
  4. What I'm getting my mom for Christmas.
    Makeup? A better daughter? A nice hat? Candles?
  5. How much I love The Lumineers.
  6. If my stupid boyfriend is thinking about that stupid girl that's in love with him.
    Hint: it's not me. *collective sigh* Right?
  7. I wish I was 21. I'd get some kind of snarky drink on this flight I'm currently on and secretly judge everyone.
  8. This picture.
  9. The wind is blowing so hard out my window. I love it.
  10. I'm proud of myself for working hard on my USC application.
  11. My boyfriend and I broke up and that's okay because I am strong and beautiful!