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This is the thing in life at which I am the worst. To give you context, I have been to a redbox maybe 9 times ever. Knowing that I paid $34 for a Spiderman movie will probably be the regret I whisper about on my death bed.
  1. Liberal Arts
    I rented this on my roommate's credit card and kept it because we never got along. I watch it periodically when I need a win or when she posts something annoying on facebook. Chance I will watch again: 10/10
  2. The Way, Way Back
    This has since become one of my favorite movies. My only true redbox success story. I regret nothing. Chance I will watch again: 10/10
  3. Admission, starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd
    I gave this away as part of a Tina Fey themed birthday gift, because I realized I had already payed $10 in late fees and because I couldn't bear to part with Mean Girls. Chance I am watching Mean Girls as you read this: 9/10
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noticeably absent: make any concrete difference in the ambient temperature of my home
  1. Gotten super well acquainted with my dog
  2. Familiarized himself with ten years of my family photos
  3. Regaled me with stories/photos of his knee surgery
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