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I am so not a morning person
  1. That can't be my alarm already
  2. Dude, I only got ___ hours of sleep
  3. I should have gone to bed earlier
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I'm definitely a Spanish nerd 😜
  1. You talk to yourself constantly
    In Spanish, of course
  2. You watch the Spanish channel
  3. Almost all of your music is Spanish
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Just incase y'all are interested
  1. I absolutely love Spanish!
  2. I want to travel the world
    I mean who doesn't?
  3. I'm from a small town, but I'm definitely a city person
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Yay for growing up in a small town.. 😒
  1. When you're driving you wave because you most likely know who it is
  2. You don't have patience when driving because you only had one stoplight in your whole town
  3. You're a bad driver...
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  1. Boston Red Sox
    I don't remember how I became a fan but I have loved the Red Sox ever since I can remember!! I love me some Big Papi!
  2. The Celtics
    I think I like them just because I'm a huge Red Sox fan and I wanted to live in Boston when I was little...
  3. The Bulls
    I have always loved the Bulls... I mean I should, I'm named after Michael Jordan
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