I love sports
  1. Boston Red Sox
    I don't remember how I became a fan but I have loved the Red Sox ever since I can remember!! I love me some Big Papi!
  2. The Celtics
    I think I like them just because I'm a huge Red Sox fan and I wanted to live in Boston when I was little...
  3. The Bulls
    I have always loved the Bulls... I mean I should, I'm named after Michael Jordan
  4. The Packers
    Go Pack Go! Big fan because of my dad.. And my second cousin played for them!
  5. The Blackhawks
    I just recently got in to hockey, and because all of my friends are from Illinois Go Blackhawks!
  6. The Cubs
    Once again, all my friends are from Illinois.. You kinda catch on
  7. Iowa Hawkeyes
    Gotta have some school spirit! Go Hawks!!