1. Impersonal paper mail
    Bills, coupons, bank solicitations, all of it is hugely wasteful. I absolutely hate it when it says a name "or current resident". It's fucking bullshit that this is allowed. Thanks for wasting money to send a stranger some shit that they won't even open, unless it somehow has information that increases the possibility of identity theft.
  2. Identity theft
    I don't even understand this, I just get the sense it's an enormous and constant risk. It blows my mind daily that mine hasn't been stolen, actually, it probably has and I just don't know it.
  3. Having a password for everything
    It's supposed to be different for everything and not include personal information but also be memorable but also hard to figure out if you are a brilliant but sinister identity thief.
  4. Email newsletters
  5. Automatic flush toilets that are seemingly not actually triggered by a motion sensor
    There you are mid-stream and whoosh, down goes the flush, splashing your tush. This is actually the definition of disruptive technology. There's room for improvement to be sure.