I take the Transbay bus back to Oakland. It's awesomely convenient but the last one leaves at 8:00pm. It's a weird time.
  1. It's dark both on and off the bus until it pulls out of the station (providing it isn't peak summer)
    then the lights come on inside and you can't see anything outside.
  2. Someone (often me) inevitably just ran, semi-panicked they would miss it, and just boarded panting and sweaty.
    Some people are more obvious about this than others.
  3. That same person (except me) usually makes a phone call as soon as they sit down
    to the person they just abruptly left to catch the bus and explains (to everyone in earshot) that "sorry I left abruptly, I had to catch the last bus." And in case it wasn't obvious "I had to really run for it," Also, "because it's rude to talk on the phone on the bus, I'll call you when I get home in 25 minutes. Uh-huh, yeah me too, ok, bye now"
  4. Everyone suddenly has a respiratory infection.
    Nighttime dark busses are a coughing vortex. It's a goddamn shame.
  5. The city (San Francisco) always looks more beautiful lit up at night as you pull away from it crossing the Bay Bridge heading East.
    The morning just doesn't have that sparkle
  6. It's impossible to take a picture of that sparkling loveliness on an iPhone 5.
    Believe me, I've tried.
  7. Everyone is still fucking coughing all around.
    It's like they are inspired to do the equivalent of the stadium wave in coughing form from the front to the back of the bus.
  8. The 8:00 bus is almost always 1/3 or less full.
    The 8:00 bus is like a quiet reminder of your sad life where you have nowhere better to be since everything in life has an 8:00 start attached to it.
  9. The respiratory infection could be TB, thankfully everyone on here is too old to not have gotten a measles vaccine. So we're probably safe in that respect.
    Young Millenials and Gen Zers don't ride the Transbay bus at 8:00pm ever.