1. population of only 160 people
    a small town where everyone really does know everyone
  2. we have a garbage can
    I still remember the day it was put in, just a couple years ago we got our first ever public garbage can and let me tell you we were way to excited about it
  3. roads are for tanning
    because black pavement is the best place to get a tan
  4. tiny town - 26 seconds long
    although most of our backyards are 2 or more acres because we're surrounded by farm towns, it still only takes 26 seconds to drive from one side of town to the other
  5. abandoned gas station
    our only land marks include an abandoned gas station, a church no one goes to and the smallest library ever (aside from our old library that one was so small that the old building was turned into a one room house)
  6. watch out for peacocks
    there's a peacock farm and let's just say the need better fencing because my bus has had to stop for "peacock crossings" one to many times
  7. ...and lions
    the scariest thing in the world is getting home from school and being told you can't play outside because "the lion down the street got loose again." I wonder if they use the same fencing as the peacock farmers?
  8. free kittens
    twice a year there's a family that gives away free kittens, I never take one but I do always go play with them. our town is also where everyone in the region buys their dogs
  9. town name dilemma
    up until this year we didn't exist on google maps and one of our biggest street signs was spelled incorrectly
  10. apparently we don't exist
    We have Hamilton area codes, Canfield mailing addresses, and to find us on Google maps you type in the town next to us and it redirects you to us
  11. the summer of tractors
    one summer everyone drove around on their tractors and no one questioned it, the next year we were back to walking
  12. we have a park, kinda
    it just happens to be a playset my dad built in my backyard that we let all the neighbourhood kids play on whenever they wanted to, my driveway was also the town basketball court
  13. school
    I went to elementary school two towns over and high school three towns over, it's just an hour bus ride and on Halloween people at my school put on plaid shirts and said they were kids from my town
  14. we have wildlife
    one time I thought a coyote was in my house and I didn't even care. it turned out to just be my cousins to dogs but still. I've dealt with a lot of racoons and one time there was a deer in my driveway
  15. where to hang out
    the number one hangout spot aside from the "park" is the graveyard behind my friends backyard, the other hang out spots include the abandoned gas station, a tree by the library, or the pond. I should say the only people who actually leave their houses are me and my best friend
  16. I'm new
    I've lived here for almost 15 years and I'm still the newest addition