i made a list titled "IF I WERE TRAPPED ON A DESERT ISLAND WITH ONLY THREE TV SERIES" so this is a list of all the shows that almost made it onto that list but just missed out and why they didn't make the cut
  1. the office
    ok this one should have made the list but I've already re watched it so many times that I feel like I couldn't put it on that list
  2. Emily Owens md
    i love this show and could re watch it a million times because I'm in love with Micah and the Emily and Micah story line but there's only half a season of this show which sucks and means I could re watch it a million times in just one day. it was cancelled too soon
  3. greys anatomy
    I almost picked it because of how many seasons there are but let's be real I can not re watch half of those death scenes more than once (rip George and Derek)
  4. suite life of zack and Cody
    I would only bring this one if I could also bring suite life on deck, the more Sprouse the better
  5. how I met your mother
    the last episode ruined it for me
  6. parenthood
    there are not enough mark and Sarah scenes
  7. gossip girl
    this one was probably number 4 on my list but it can't beat snl or friends
  8. parks and rec
    same explanation as the office, it's perfect but I was only allowed 3
  9. supernatural
    I can't deal with season 4 Sam for that long
  10. Gilmore girls
    Emily pisses me off