1. I'm so happy
  2. I love baseball
  3. I love the blue Jays
  4. and the feeling in Canada last year when the Jays were AL east champs was so fricken amazing
  5. it was like the whole country had joined together to cheer on our boys
    it was probably more around me because I'm near Toronto but I know Jays fans everywhere were just as excited
  6. everyone was talking about baseball last year
  7. it's like Canada had a whole new set of country-wide inside jokes
    Joey bats bat flip, pillar the superhero, bringer of rain, and so many more just watch all of TD Canada's commercials
  8. and I want that feeling back this year
  9. the Jays are already doing so great
    it's their second game and they've already got 3 home runs
  10. I love baseball season
  11. let's go Blue Jays!!!