1. 😂
    i honestly hate how this one looks but i use it way too often to judge
  2. 💁🏼
    i feel like this one is just filled with sass and when i use it it feels like im just saying "duh" in a really sassy way
  3. 😍
    because i need a go to emoji for talking about a hot guy or food... mostly for food
  4. ✌🏼️
    my go to gesture so of course i love the emoji, it just gives off such a cool vibe but at the same time i despise this emoji
  5. 🖕🏼
    i was honestly so happy when i saw this one in the update, i think you can figure out why i love it
  6. 😩
    this one is perfect when im dying which is always
  7. 🙃
    this emoji perfectly describes me