If I Were Trapped on a Desert Island With Only Three Tv Series

Limiting myself to three is a travesty, but alas, I will follow what the List gods require.
  1. Friday Night Lights
    The TAYLORS!! (minus Julie of course) Riggins, Street, Saracen, Howard, and Cafferty. Need I say more? I will anyway, Texas Forever! One of the best series ever created, hands down. Let's pretend Landry's weird murder arc never happened, okay?
  2. Boy Meets World
    I will never not watch this show when it's on tv. This show taught me so many life lessons. This show had the best lasting friendship in Cory and Shawn and an incredible built up love story with Cory and Topanga. The only bad thing: Eric getting progressively dumber as the series went on.
  3. The Mindy Project
    C'mon, did you really expect a brown girl not to have @mindy on her list? This show is pure gold.