1. There is a girl who makes her home between the pages of well worn books. She wraps herself in blankets of the strongest love stories. She lays her head on a pillow of heartbreak and sorrow.
  2. She is all curves and no angles but her words are as sharp as a knife. She falls in love daily, with protagonists and antagonists alike.
  3. Her dreams are woven from the history of the stars, a tapestry of infinite colors.
  4. She feels all the sadness in the world for an hour a day in hopes of easing the pain of others. The tears pummel through her with the force of mighty ocean waves.
  5. She reads of emotions in sans serif fonts, longing for the day when she might actually feel passion of her own instead of living her life through fiction. But her resolve weakens as the days pass her by.
  6. She does not know what truth feels like.