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The places that my beginner and now intermediate skiing skills have taken me
  1. Squaw Valley
  2. Alpine Meadows
  3. Northstar
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The words that I go to whenever I struggle to make a decision
  1. "Get the hell out of here." - my mom regarding leaving California's Central Valley as soon as possible
  2. "Never turn down an opportunity to travel." - also my mom
  3. "Put the eggs in the pot first, and then fill the pot with water." - my grandmother on the best way to hard boil eggs
  4. "Don't worry. It'll be fun!" - my husband when he's trying to convince me to do something that I'll likely get scared or hurt doing, but will love telling the story about later...and, in retrospect, I will think it was fun.
...or sour, in the case of the pickles.
  1. The dollar-a-pickle extra sour pickles sold at Rosenberg's Bagels in Denver (Please, I'm pregnant.)
  2. Those Noosa yogurts that all those other yogurts can't compare to
  3. That amazing smelling dog shampoo from Pelindaba Lavender Farm on San Juan Island, WA (Guilty pleasure for the Yorkies? Nah, they couldn't care less. It's really for the humans they sit on
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