Some random recommendations from my phone. Not including Shimokitazawa, because I'm dumb and didn't go there. You should go there!
  1. Hit the crazy department stores (Shibuya 109, Tokyu Hands, and Don Quixote).
    Shibuya 109 is mainly clothes, and Tokyu Hands is known as the "DIY" store (whatever that means. Don Quixote has everything from face paint to sex toys.
  2. Walk around Dotonbori.
    The neighborhood is adorable and classy at the same time. Check out Tsusaya Books, an open-air English and Japanese bookstore with a killer cafe upstairs.
  3. Eat at Ramen Street in Tokyo Station.
    A series of amazing ramen restaurants, tucked in the basement of Tokyo Station. (And it's technically more of a hallway, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.) There will be signs, but you might not know when you've found the area—the entrance looks like a line to a restaurant. If you're near the bathrooms, you're close and you should ask someone. 🍜
  4. See contemporary art with a view at Mori Tower.
    After you've gone through the museum (which is sure to be a great mix of global and local work), head to the roof deck. You can even store your purse in a coin locker so it doesn't blow away, because the Japanese think of everything!
  5. Buy bean buns at a 7/11.
    The most important tbh. They just might change your life.