John Muir was tha dood.

A few of the quotes from Mr. Muir that I find most moving.
  1. Fate and flowers carried me to California, and I have reveled and luxuriated amid its mountains and plants and bright sky.
  2. We are now in the mountains and they are in us, kindling enthusiasm, making every nerve quiver, filling every pore and cell of us.
  3. How wonderful the power of its beauty! Gazing awestricken, I might have left everything for it... the colors and lines and expressions of this divine landscape-countenance are so burned into mind and heart they surely can never grow dim.
  4. Another inspiring morning, nothing better in any world can be conceived. No description of Heaven that I have ever heard or read of seems half so fine.
  5. No pain here, no dull nountain hours, no fear of the past, no fear of the future. These blessed mountains are so compactly filled with God's Beauty, no petty personal hope or experience has room to be.
  6. Another glorious Sierra day in which one seems to be dissolved and absorbed and sent pulsing onward we know not where. Life seems neither long nor short, and we take no more heed to save time or make haste then do the trees and stars. This is true freedom, a good practical sort of immortality.