1. I listened to Formation about seventy bajillion times and read everything anyone has ever wrote about it
  2. My water heater broke and I stayed up all night with [49er] duct trying to stop the water from flooding my house because I was too stupid to know where the water shut off was or that I could just turn off the electricity to the water heater
    It was a pretty easy fix, but then he informed me I am basically going to have to remodel my kitchen when that water heater really breaks. Fucking Michael
  3. The Catholic guy I am sleeping with came over and had sex with me before he went to church to get his ashes
    Even I find this weird. I think we're done here
  4. Jake is sick and they want to drain his blood before they clean his teeth. Seriously.
  5. I finally saw The Martian
    I liked it
  6. No plans this weekend. And I am damn happy about it