Famous Men Who Could Pull Off Their Own Polka Dot Fashion Line

It's hard to pull off polka dots for straight men, but I'm sure if they wanted to, these dudes would slay the Polka Dot fashion game real hard.
  1. Kendrick Lamar's "Polka Dot Justice"
  2. Joseph Gordon Levitt's "Polk the • to hit record"
    Daaaaamn, he be lookin bae in that purple polka dot shirt. THAT FACE THOUGH 😍
  3. Justin Timberlake's "Polka Dot Love Girl"
  4. Harry Styles "Polka heart in my soul"
  5. Pharrell's Polka Dot collection x Adidas
    I just found out this is a real collection. Pharrell, you win.
  6. Pharrell in casual polka dot attire
  7. Pharrell's fancy polka dot attire
    HOLY **** •••••• 😍😍💯💯