Offensive Things Said When You Make Friends With Your Uber Driver

I met a guy named John when he became my uber driver. He had just recently moved from Houston to Silicon Valley. He wanted to meet friends, so I invited him for a college Tailgate. These were things he said to me & my friends.
  1. Out of one of you hoes, whose makin the most stacks?
    Points to Asian girl "her huh?"
  2. Didn't you guys just eat?
    Just take us to the McDonald's Drive thru and don't ask questions, sir. We can get whatever we want.
  3. At tailgate, I can probably bang any of these chicks if I wanted to.
    No you can't dude. No chick is even looking your way.
  4. Then me and my squad 🙌🏽🔪🔪🔪🔪💣💣💣 his ass.
  5. #NoNewFriends