1. You can meet up for coffee on any block.
    Seattle breeds coffee shops so that meet cutes can occur on every square mile radius.
  2. You can go on hiking dates for days.
    There's literally so many places to hike, bike, and stroll in the Pacific Northwest.
  3. 95% of the successful "Bachelor" couples live here.
    Out of 102 seasons, most of the successful couples live here. Also if you're from Seattle, you'll make it into the top 5 for sure. If they don't live in Seattle right now, one of them is from there. What is this weird Bachelor rule?
  4. Rain that'll make you want to make out in.
    You can reenact That Notebook kiss or Spider-Man upside down kiss in Seattle any day.
  5. Grey's Anatomy, 50 Shades of Grey, Twilight, etc. told me so.
    Makes me think Seattle and the Pacific Northwest is where it's at to find love. (This is probably very inaccurate and I understand vampires & sexually addicted surgeons are not real...😏)