You can either set the tone on your 1st day or just forget about it all together.
  1. Kindergarten: put in the wrong class because "I'm Jenilee and not Jenny Lee"
  2. 5th grade: sent to principal's office for "fighting"
    My parents put me into Karate lessons and a kid in my 5th grade class wanted to spar because he said I'd fight like a girl...
  3. 7th grade: sent to principal's office for wearing a gang color
    I wore a red tank top & belt underneath my uniform because I just happened to like red. My middle school had a ban on "gang colors". But because there were more crips, someone reported my outfit. 😐
  4. 8th grade: kind of murdered my teacher's turtle
    The turtle was already sick & I just happened to be the one holding it. 😞
  5. Cartoon Network Internship: HR gave me the wrong office address.
    I came an hour early to my first day at Cartoon Network or so I thought. HR gave me the address to the Burbank office when I was supposed to be in Century City. In LA time, it took me an hour and a half to get from the Valley to West LA. 😩
  6. NBC internship: got a $500 speeding ticket
    I was so juiced because this was my first internship and for it to be the NBC Bay Area news station was big. When I left my first day, I was dancing in my car to "***** in Paris" and didn't realize how fast I was going. Once I figured I was going 85 on a 65, I slowed down but that motorcycle cop was already blinking his lights. So, I had to work extra hours at Macy's on top of my unpaid NBC internship and school to pay off that damn ticket. 🙄🔫