1. Being alone
    Until I realized being alone was not my problem. I can eat at restaurants by myself and my best traveling experiences have always been alone. The feeling of loneliness is what I don't like & that is what I want to avoid.
  2. Failure
    Until I realized if I didn't have my best failures, I wouldn't have my best accomplishments.
  3. Rejection
    Until I realized rejection stemmed more from my self-criticism rather than an external issue. Once you fully accept who you are, the best people tend to flock your way.
  4. Not living up to my potential
    Until I realized that this is the fear that motivates me to work even harder. This is the bain of why I take risks and stay persistent.
  5. Being scared
    Until I realized everyone gets scared - we're human. We have natural reactions to things when we're out of our comfort zone. It's okay to feel scared and show it. I'm sure someone around you feels the same way.
  6. Committment
    Until I realized I'm someone whose incredibly loyal and I'm more scared of someone not committing to me the way I am to them.
  7. Soulcycle
    Until I realized this wasn't cult who took your soul but a great way to get my blood flowing! (Maybe they took 1/4th of my soul.)