Thanks for the request @teeairawr
  1. Wants to snapchat for sex and not for your story.
  2. Scared of label makers because he doesn't want to define your relationship.
    I mean non-relationship because you guys are just "hanging out"
  3. Never down to go outside with you, but is always down to go inside of you. (Sad, but true.)
    Going outside his/your bedroom is his kryptonite & not because he's a vampire who can't stand the sun. He doesn't want to stand in the sun with you, girl!
  4. He is who he hangs out with = Fuckboy friends.
  5. Tears you down, only to "bring you up."
    If he doesn't have nice things to say about you first, leave him first. No women should ever feel inferior due to a fuckboy's opinions.
  6. If he has a sign on his forehead that says "Fuckboy 4 Lyfe."
    Because legit signs that say he's a Fuckboy is the most helpful hint. If he spells Life with a Y, you're wasting your time...because the "Y" stands for Y would you do that to yourself?