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It's midnight Friday night/Saturday morning and you know how sometimes you just want to ramble?
  1. Work has been quiet lately.
    Not worryingly quiet but, you know, quiet.
  2. I'm assuming it's because it's the summer and so many editors seem to be on vacation.
  3. It's giving me some time to crave a change.
    A significant change.
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  1. Ohh, I wish it was a more interesting story! 😃
  2. My name is Jen.
  3. My initials are JEA.
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  1. So, when I went over to B's place on Monday, he offered me some food.
    With his medical stuff, he can just about eat if it's soft, and if he chews it lots.
  2. I apologised that I hadn't offered him food at my place.
    I felt a little bad. I love providing food for people!
  3. He said (no malice intended) - 'why would you?! I'm really difficult to bother cooking for!' then listed his allergies sorta dismissively.
    He didn't mean anything by it but I felt bad. Because he is worth 'bothering' to cook for, and I want him to know that.
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Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. Favourite movie
    When Harry Met Sally. Sometimes, I feel like I'm living it but I love it. It's so fast and funny, and also quite adorable.
  2. Favourite book
    Three way tie between To Kill a Mockingbird, Hogfather (Terry Pratchett), and Trevor Noah's Born a Crime. All very different so it's impossible to compare!
  3. Beliefs about Heaven and Hell.
    I want to believe they exist, but I can't quite do that.
Not that relationships, friends or otherwise, should be about 'earning' points, but B earned many this week.
  1. Tuesday night, I texted him about having asthma.
    He was at work so I expected a brief reply if anything.
  2. When he got back from work (gone 10pm), he texted some light hearted stuff about it.
    Joking how you get a jacket and badge for joining the asthma club.
  3. That was fine.
    He has asthma and a lot worse. I didn't really expect sympathy from him. I was fine with humour as a defence mechanism.
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  1. I was good and went to see the doctor today.
    Lofty ambitions for the coming week just like I said I would.
  2. I actually saw the nurse but she was great.
  3. I told her all my symptoms.
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  1. We watched a movie, but when I say we watched it, we paused it a ton to talk.
    The 2 hour film turned into 3.
  2. He's sounding croaky.
    The health problems, I guess? He didn't like to talk about it.
  3. He was hugely sympathetic of my friend emigrating.
    He's heard a lot of the back story.
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All considered while laying on my bed feeling very tired.
  1. Not overthink anything.
    Yeah, right 😉
  2. Arrange an appointment with my doctor.
    Having spent literally all year with a cough, and a family history of asthma, I might have asthma. If I don't, I've definitely got something going on.
  3. Pitch more outlets for work.
    Work is a little quiet. It's my own fault due to running low on motivation and energy.
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  1. Chocolate from Hotel Chocolat
    Possibly too much. Is it possible to buy too much chocolate?
  2. 3 Krispy Kremes
    Not all for me. 2 Peanut Butter and Jelly and 1 Nutella
  3. One jumper in the Gap sale
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  1. So, my best friend emigrated on Tuesday.
    It's a complicated mess. I'd love to be excited for his big adventure but it's tricky given the circumstances.
  2. We met up Monday night for one last meal together (along with his partner).
    It was a really good time, and a really sad time too.
  3. Sure, I can hopefully visit him/them but he's always lived 20 minutes away from me. When we were kids, we lived in the same street.
    It's not going to be the same. I don't have enough close friends to 'lose' one.
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